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Here is a partial list of my recent speaking

and/or teaching engagements:

  • Raincross Quilt Guild

  • Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild

  • San Fernando Quilt Guild

  • Pass Patchers Quilt Guild

  • Maze Stone Quilt Guild

  • Carquinez Strait Stitchers

  • Glendale Quilt Guild

  • Orange County Quilters Guild

  • Desert Winds Quilt Guild

  • Valley Quilters of Hemet

  • Surfside Quilters Guild

  • Beach Cities Quilters Guild

  • LA County Quilters Guild

  • Orange Blossom Quilters

  • Tehachapi Mountain Quilters

  • Quilters by the Sea

  • South Bay Quilters Guild

  • Crazy Quilters of Laguna Woods

  • Hawaii Quilt Guild

  • Quilter's Piece Corps Apple Valley