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I live in Laguna Hills, California with my husband Brad.

Like many quilters I started sewing in Jr. High, and by high school I was making my own clothes.  I have always had a love for fabrics.  I began making quilts in the 70’s and started taking classes in the 80’s. By the 90’s I was obsessed with all things quilting.  “Sandy’s Designs” was founded in 2002 when I started creating patterns. I’ve been teaching classes since 2004 at various quilt stores.  In 2016 I became a "Quilt In A Day" Certified Teacher.

Beach Cities Quilters Guild has been an important part of my quilting life.  I’ve been a member for 23 years.  In 2010 I was the quilt show chair for, “FantaSea of Quilts”, and I co-chaired the 2016 quilt show.  I also served as the 20th President of “Beach Cities Quilters guild”. 

My other passion is competitive slalom waterskiing.  I have competed at the Regional’s (13 western states) many times and the National’s in 2015.    

It brings me great joy to share my experiences and all that I’ve learned with others who share my passion for quilting
.  My motto is "FUN & DONE".

Contact me anytime at: (949) 458-2969, or sandycquilts@aol.com.